Welcome to the St. Gerard Physical Education Wiki
May has arrived and our focus now turns to being outside and practicing for Track and Field. Our grades 4-8 will be practicing, in gym class, for our track meet which will be held in June. Our grades 4-6 classes will be working on such events as 60m, 200m, 800m runs along with long jump, high jump and ball throw. Grades 7 & 8 will focus on 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m runs as well as shot put, discus, long jump and high jump. Here’s hoping we have warm, dry weather for this month so we can get plenty of work in on all these events.
Our grades K-2 classes will be concentrating on working on their throws. We have just started a unit on underhand throwing and then we will progress to overhand throwing. Now that the weather is nicer, this would be a great opportunity to go out and spend some time with your child to work on the finer points of throwing. Remember that whichever hand you throw with, your opposite leg steps forward!
Once again, there is plenty of work to do for the month of May in the gym!
Mr. Kolowca